The University of Miami's Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) is a student-governed body committed to promoting effective graduate student participation in University affairs, advocating on behalf of the UM graduate student body, and improving the quality of life for all UM graduate and medical students. With over 4,000 graduate students in 60 doctoral programs and 110 master's programs across our three major campuses (Coral Gables, Miller School of Medicine, and the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences), the GSA serves as the liaison between the graduate student body and the administration. Since our creation in 1969, we have been supporting the graduate student population, making their welfare our priority. 


The GSA is made up of graduate students from all three campuses in every program of study. It is composed of three branches:


  • Executive Board (E-Board): comprised of nine (9) elected graduate students responsible for the day-to-day operations of the GSA. Details here.


  • Senate: comprised of graduate students who represent all departments at UM and vote on matters pertaining to the welfare of the graduate student body. With a seat open for one or more students from every department/Program (all graduate degree types: PhD., Master's, etc), the senators for the GSA represent the students from their programs and relay concerns to the GSA. For more information on your departmental representative, refer to the list of current senators. If you would like to be a senator or if your department is not represented in the Senate, we encourage you to fill out the application form. Aside from the option to self-nominate, senators can also be elected by their respective departments as representatives.


  • Committees: are chaired by a senator or an executive board member and are open to all graduate students to join. The committees work on specific areas of advocacy. Details here


Both E-Board members and senators have a one (1) academic year serving term and may simultaneously chair or co-chair a committee of their choosing. The GSA holds bi-weekly Senate meetings at 6:30 pm in the Shalala Student Center, Iron Arrow Room. While all graduate students are encouraged to attend, non-GSA members may only sit through the General Matters portion of the meetings. Click here to view all upcoming Senate meetings for this fall semester.




Below are just a few ways we have upheld that sacred trust with the graduate community:

  • 80% Health Insurance Subsidy available to eligible CG Student

  • Established the Academic Excellence, Leadership, and Service Scholarship which awards graduate students $10,000 annually

  • Increased the Graduate Activity Fee Allocation Committee funding by 20%

  • Created reservable, private study space at Richter Library

  • Provided the Graduate Student Lounge

  • Increased official number of holidays for Graduate Students at Miller Campus

  • Secured discounted and affordable costs for vision and dental care insurance

  • Secured three months of paid parental leave

  • Represented graduate student interests with voting power in the Graduate Council


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