There are five (5) committees on the GSA responsible for different aspects of the graduate student experience. These committees are open to all registered UM graduate students. Each committee is a unique entity with different meeting schedules. For more information, read below. If you wish to join a committee, fill out the form at the end of the page.


Academic Relations

Acts as the liaison between graduate students and the academic departments. Deals with issues affecting the graduate student teaching and learning experience.

When: 8:15 PM to 8:45 PM Senate Wednesdays 

Where: DESSC Iron Arrow Room

Chair: Tarika Sankar

Social and Civic Engagement 

Supports UM community members and organizations in active engagement with issues of civic import within the campus and the broader South Florida community.

When: TBD

Where: Richter Library 

Chair: Preston Taylor Stone

The form is at the bottom: 


Develops, plans and oversees on-campus and off-campus GSA events.

When: 8:15 PM to 9:00 PM Senate Wednesdays

Where: Rathskeller

Chair: Christian Elledge

Graduate Student Orgs.

(formerly Student Organization & Constitutional Review)

Oversees all student organizations, allocates money for student organization events and reviews the GSA’s constitution and bylaws.


When: Flexible


Where: Online


Chair: Alvaro Ruiz Emparanza 

Student Wellness

Works on advocating for student physical and mental health as well as planning student well-being initiatives.

When: TBD

Where: Wellness Center classroom  

Chair: Shane Shapiro

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